Secretary Message

Dear Students,

It is my privilege to share my views through this brochure, the best media to connect the young minds of the Nation. As aptly said by Robert Maynard Hutchings, The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." I believe the success of a premier College lies in the perfect combination of having dedicated and knowledgeable faculty, state of the art infrastructure with students having an urge to learn and create something new every day. BEC & BIET has always been combination of these three essential requirements that is why it has touched the pinnacle in the field of education, particularly in the Engineering field.

Visualizing an enlightened, cultured, and economically vibrant India, developed thorough education in diverse disciplines, we at BEC & BIET always keep in mind the commitment to contribute towards the growth of our nation, the purpose of our college and also our dream to make BEC & BIET a global hub for excellence in the field of higher education. We are committed to maintain a conclusive educational environment which prepares students for a career of excellence in the Engineering field.