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Chemistry is the scientific study related to matter as well as its properties. Also, it's an investigation about how the substances joins or separate to frame different substances, and how the substances collaborate with energy. Basically, Analytical chemistry, Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Biochemistry are the main branch of chemistry.


Physics is the study of fundamental knowledge of NATURE.It's a root of all engineering science.It provide the information about all the phenomena occurs in universe.Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics,Quantum Mechanics are the main branches of Physics.


Microbiology is the study involves all of Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Protozoa. A field which upgrades human life. An applied area of study to diagnose disease, life cycles of infectious agents, its Expansion and its curation. Over ally it is an application field for healthy Society and better world. Its Specific branch includes, Medical microbiology, Serology, Environmental Microbiology, Pathology, General Microbiology, Genetics, and many more.


Mathematics is the study of logic of shape, number and arrangement. It is a language involving algebra, calculus and other geometrical figures which are essential for studying engineering, medicines, finance and natural sciences. Its specific branch includes, Applied mathematics, Statistics and computational mathematics.