Admission Inquiry

Balaji College has a team of professionals who are always ready to serve you with through information about the institute, various courses, facilities and any other information you need. They also serve as counsellors and help you in deciding the best course by providing adequate information and answering your queries. Our counsellors are committed to prepare the best career plans for you that will take you to a successful career.

Admission committee 2019
Sr No. Course Category Contact Person Contact Number
1 Degree Engineering Nodal & Verification Officer Prof. Pritesh Pandya 7600056531
2 Diploma Engineering Nodal & Verification Officer Prof. Ankit Shukla 9898296455
3 B.Sc. Concerned Person Prof. Manoj Vaghasiya 9723714009
4 Administration cum Diploma Concerned Person Prof. Chintan Higrajiya 9265085118
5 Degree Engineering Computer Engineering Prof. Devang Karavadiya 9725880454
6 Degree Engineering Mechanical Engineering Prof. Bhavesh Khichadiya 9904034523
7 Degree Engineering Electrical Engineering Prof. Dharmesh Savsani 8530069693
8 Degree Engineering Civil Engineering Prof. Sirish Bhalodiya 9925561612
9 Diploma Engineering Concerned Person Prof. Ram Khistariya 7405212559

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